Are Aliens Secretly Living Among Us? Harvard Researchers Think It’s Possible

I recently came across a mind-blowing paper published by Harvard University and Montana Technological University, and I just had to share it with you all. It dives into one of the most intriguing mysteries out there: the possibility that an unidentified, technologically advanced population might be living secretly among us here on Earth. While some might dismiss this as pure science fiction, the researchers treat it more as a “thought experiment” than a claim set in stone, according to a UFO expert.

The authors propose that sightings of UFOs or UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena) might actually be activities of intelligent beings concealed in stealth. These beings could be disguising themselves as humans to blend in, potentially coming from Earth’s future or even descending from intelligent dinosaurs. Crazy, right?

The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis

The study, titled The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis: A Case for Scientific Openness to a Concealed Earthly Explanation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, is authored by Tim Lomas and Brendan Case from Harvard University, and Michael Paul Masters from Montana Technological University. They offer four possible explanations for the ongoing concern regarding UAPs:

  1. Conventional Terrestrial Explanation: Human-made technology mistaken for UAPs.
  2. Extraterrestrial Explanation: Advanced civilizations from elsewhere in the cosmos.
  3. Unconventional Terrestrial Explanation: Intelligent beings evolved separately on Earth and hiding in plain sight.
  4. Magical Supernatural Origin: Creatures likened to “earthbound angels” such as fairies, elves, or nymphs.

While the third explanation is particularly intriguing, it falls outside the prevailing consensus view of the universe. The authors suggest that cryptoterrestrials could explain many of the unidentified and unexplainable observations made around the world each year.

Cryptoterrestrial Hypotheses

Here are some fascinating cryptoterrestrial hypotheses (CTH) that the researchers propose:

  • Stealthy Time Travelers or Extraterrestrials: Cryptoterrestrials might have come to Earth from another time period or planet and concealed themselves using advanced stealth technology.
  • Evolved Earth Species: A form of intelligent species could have evolved separately from humans on Earth, possibly an ape-like descendant or even intelligent dinosaurs.
  • Ancient Civilizations: A remnant form of an ancient civilization might persist on Earth despite being largely destroyed long ago by natural disasters.
  • Supernatural Beings: Creatures of magical supernatural origin, such as “fairies, elves, nymphs,” could exist.

Scientific Skepticism

The authors are fully aware that these theories will likely be met with skepticism, especially the suggestion of elves or fairies. Within the scientific community, belief in extraterrestrials is more tenable compared to belief in magical beings.

UFO hotspot map based off information from the Department of Defense
UFO hotspot map based off information from the Department of Defense

Government and Scientific Response

The paper also touches on the U.S. government’s response to UAP sightings. Many people feel that federal officials are deliberately downplaying the topic or at least obfuscating the extraordinary nature of many UAP-related events. Last year, career intelligence officer turned whistleblower David Grusch testified before Congress about a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse-engineers UFOs — claims which the Pentagon has denied.

Recording of UFO flying by the USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego in July 2019

NASA has also stated that it has yet to find any credible evidence of extraterrestrial life or that UAPs are extraterrestrial. Nonetheless, NASA continues to explore the solar system and beyond in search of answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe.


So here’s what we’ve got:

  • The paper presents a speculative hypothesis about cryptoterrestrials living among us.
  • Four main explanations for UAPs are discussed: conventional terrestrial, extraterrestrial, unconventional terrestrial, and magical supernatural origins.
  • Several cryptoterrestrial hypotheses are proposed, including time travelers, evolved species, ancient civilizations, and supernatural beings.
  • The scientific community remains skeptical, particularly about magical beings.
  • The U.S. government and NASA have yet to find credible evidence supporting extraterrestrial life or UAPs being extraterrestrial.

The paper has yet to be peer-reviewed. If accepted, it will be published in the journal Philosophy and Cosmology.

What do you guys think? Could aliens truly be hiding among us, or is this just another wild theory? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

~ Pradeep Kariyawasam, Mysteriologist at University of Mysteriology

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