Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted [2012]

About the clip : EXCLUSIVE  clip from ‘Madagascar 3’. The gang escaping from the police in an action-packed car chase.

Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple. Their journey takes them through Europe where they find the perfect cover: a traveling circus, which they reinvent – Madagascar style.

Directors: Eric Darnell & Tom McGrath
Writers: Eric Darnell (screenplay), Noah Baumbach (screenplay)
Stars(voice): Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith and Chris Rock
Plot: Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are still trying to get back to the Big Apple and their beloved Central Park zoo, but first they need to find the penguins. When they travel to Monte Carlo, they attract the attention of Animal Control after gate crashing a party and are joined by the penguins, King Julian and Co., and the monkeys. How do a lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, four penguins, two monkeys, three lemurs travel through Europe without attracting attention and get back to New York? They join a traveling circus. Their attempts to get back to New York are consistently hampered by the Captain of Animal Control who wants to make Alex part of her collection. Once they make it back to New York Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman realize that they want to be part of the traveling circus.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

 Captain of Animal Control - Madagascar 3

Memorable quotes for Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Capitaine Chantel DuBois: You can run, but you can not save your hides!

King Julien XIII: [in a train] Hey, this is not first class!
King Julien XIII: Definitely Coach.

Alex: [Marty drives a vam] What’re you doing? Zebras can’t drive, only penguins and people can drive!

King Julien XIII: [to a female bear] Has anyone ever told you, that you look like a supermodel?
[the Bear eats him… and pulls him out by his tail]
King Julien XIII: WHOA! What a woman!

Skipper: Grab your bags and empty your bladders, it’s gonna be a long trip.

Marty: I’m Marty-o Andretti!
Alex: No, you’re Sucky-o Andretti!

Alex: Stefano, you’re a genius.
Stefano: No, I’m a not. I’m only average intelligence. Some even say slightly below.

Vitaly: Bolshevik!

Stefano: My tears are real! You are not!

Capitaine Chantel DuBois: You know what they say. When in Rome…
[jumps onto police scooter]
Capitaine Chantel DuBois: VIVA LA FRANCE!

Marty: I’m like a candy cane in a black and white movie.

Capitaine Chantel DuBois: Voila! Giraffe at 12 o’ clock.

Marty: It’s the fuzz! What are we gonna do?

Marty: [singing and dancing] Da-da-dadadada-da-da, circus, da-da-dadadada-da-da, afro! Circus afro, circus afro! Polka dot, polka dot, polka dot afro!
Alex: …Really?

Melman: I can’t dance!
Gloria: Maybe that’s because you’ve never tried it before.
Melman: I *have* tried it! I practice in private because you’re so good at it…
Gloria: You practice? For me?
Melman: Yeah, but… It’s no use! I never know what to do with my arms.
Gloria: That’s the easy part.
[wraps Melman’s arms around her neck]
Gloria: You just put your arms around your partner.

Alex: Well, I say they can take the animals out of the circus, but they can’t take the animals out of the circus!
Alex: Uh, you know what I mean!

[Gloria gets stuck after falling down an air shaft, nearly crushing Alex, Marty, and Melman]
Melman: [to Gloria, sweetly yet awkwardly] Hi, honey!

Gloria: It’s just like dancing; two steps forward, one step back…

Alex: [in a dream] What happened to you? You’re so *elderly*!

[the group is observing their old homes from outside the zoo gates]
Alex: Hmm… My rock looks smaller than I remember it being…
Marty: Hey, look, it’s the mural! Heh, doesn’t quite capture the real thing, does it?
Gloria: Well, there’s our homes… I forgot about that wall between us, Melman. Was that always there?

King Julien XIII: Sonya! I miss you, baby!

Marty: [to Alex as he gets into the driver’s seat] Move over, Miss Daisy!

Capitaine Chantel DuBois: [Alex gets rid of DuBois by throwing her into a pool as they fly away] Well played, Lion. Game on.

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