Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya – Title Song [2001]

Director: Rajat Mukherjee
Writer: Rajat Mukherjee (screenplay)
Stars: Fardeen Khan, Ravi Baswani and Kannu Gill
Plot: Ria Jaiswal lives a very wealthy lifestyle along with her mom and dad. As she is the only child in this family, her parents dot on her and give in to her every wish. As a child she saw a toy on TV and asked her dad to get it. When he told her that he was unable to do, she stopped speaking and eating – until her dad somehow managed to get the toy from America. Subsequently, Ria’s mom passed away. Years later, Ria has now grown up to be a very attractive young woman. She meets with Jai, a photographer from Style Magazine, she models and is very attracted to him. She tells her dad that she wants to get married and goes to Jai’s house to get him to meet her dad. When she reaches his house in Lokhandwala Complex, she finds out that he is already married to a woman named Geeta, and very much in love with her. A betrayed Ria, unable to get Jai out of her mind, obsesses over him – and decides that he and she are meant for each other…

pyaar tune kya kiya   pyaar tune kya kiya

pyaar tune kya kiya

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Lyrics & English Translation

Pyaar tu ne kya kiya
What did you do, love? [could also mean, “Did you love me?” but the former seems to make more sense in the context.]

kya kiya
What did you do?

ek hi pal mein achaanak
Suddenly, in one single moment…

pyaar tu ne kya kiya…
What did you do, love?

ek hi pal mein achaanak di hai nayi duniya
Suddenly, in one single moment,

di hai nayi duniya di hai nayi khushiyaan
you gave me a new world, you gave me new happiness….

pahali dafaa use dekhkar hone lagaa kuchh aisa asar…
Seeing him for the first time, some strange influence came upon me

khud se main huyi bekhabar
I no longer knew myself

main huun yahaan dil mera hai vahaan
I am here; my heart is there

tu de rahaa hai ahsaas yeh jaisi koi mere paas hai…
You make me feel as though someone is close to me…

jiske badan ko chhuukar mere badan ko chhu rahi hai havaa
Whose body the wind has touched just before it touches my own

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