Tune Zindagi Mein – Humraaz [2002]

Singer – Udit Narayan
Music – Himesh Reshammiya
Directors: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla, Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla
Writers: Shyam Goel (dialogue), Shyam Goel (screenplay)
Stars: Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna and Ameesha Patel

A wealthy industrialist and business man named Raj Singhania lives in Bombay, India. He reaches up with a music band in which Karan Malhotra is the leader and Priya is his right-hand and sweetheart. Karan finds that it is not easy to achieve one’s merit. A contract made between the two for his band to sing on a crusade for Raj. He agrees to do so and later on conspire with his girlfriend Priya to take over Raj vast estate by setting up his girlfriend to marry Raj fakely. On a chance encounter one day Raj and Priya both meet, where by Raj fall head over heals in love with Priya. And later on they both got engaged. Raj carry Priya and introduce her to his entire family where a date for the marriage between the two is set. And later on finalized. On his wedding night Priya speaks to Raj about she must remain a virgin until one month and he agrees to do so, unknown to him that it is a conspiracy by Karan and Priya…


Tune Zindagi Mein Lyrics and English translation

Tu ne zindagi mein aake zindagi ho zindagi badal di
You came into my life and changed it utterly.

teri taraf gar aayina bhi kare tor duun main use dil mera kahe
If even a mirror should behold you, my heart will tell me to break it.

tu hai mera junuun mere dil ka sukuun
You’re my obsession; you’re my heart’s content;

main diwaana huun tera koyi kuchh bhi kahe
I’m mad for you, no matter what anyone might say.

yeh diwaanagi barhaake
You heightened my madness;

yeh diwaanagi barhaake zindagi ho zindagi badal di
You heightened my madness and changed life utterly.

zindagi badal di…
You changed life utterly…

tumsa koyi dusra zamin par ho to rab se shikaayat hogi
If there’s anyone like you in another land, I’ll complain to God.

tumhaari taraf rukh kisi gair ka huwa to qayaamat se pahale qayaamat hogi
If some stranger turned his face toward yours, it would be a disaster.

tu ne zindagi mein aake
You came into my life,

tu ne zindagi mein aake zindagi ho zindagi badal di…
came into my life and changed it utterly.

tu ne pyaar yuun nibhaake zindagi ho zindagi badal di
You kept faith with love so well, you changed life utterly.

ab gavaara nahin koi aur bhi ho jo meri tarah yuun tum par mare
Now I can’t bear to think there might be someone else who’d devote himself to you like I would.

chhuuna to duur hai ab na manzuur hai koi meri tarah tera zikr bhi kare
Forget touching; even the thought of someone mentioning you is unacceptable to me.

tu ne faasle mitaake
You erased the distances;

tu ne faasle mitaake zindagi ho zindagi badal di
You erased the distances and changed life utterly.

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