Payoneer to Sri Lanka : My First Transaction

Having encountered some challenges with Sri Lankan banks when depositing checks, I’ve opted to streamline my earnings by opening a Payoneer account for direct bank transfers. I’d like to share my initial experience using Payoneer in Sri Lanka, especially for those new to the platform and freelancing in the country.

Due to complications with Sri Lankan banks, such as Sampath Bank rejecting my last two checks and BOC imposing a 30% service fee on the total amount, I sought a more efficient solution.

I initiated the process by opening my Payoneer account on March 8, 2017, and received approval within a day. The registration involved a straightforward confirmation (ID) step to ensure eligibility for receiving payments from Payoneer to Sri Lanka. As per their requirements, I submitted a scanned copy of my government-issued driving license as the final step.

To facilitate seamless transactions, I furnished with the US bank account details provided in the “Global Payment Service” section of my Payoneer account, akin to possessing a bank account in the USA. This shift to Payoneer has proven to be a more reliable and convenient method for managing my freelance earnings in Sri Lanka.

Payoneer to Sri Lanka

Global Payment Service - Sri Lanka
Payoneer to Sri Lanka

On 20th March has made the direct deposit to my Payoneer Account (First Century Bank in the US).

Commision Junction - CJ Affiliate by Conversant - Sri Lanka
Payoneer to Sri Lanka

Within one day the amount was reflected in my Payoneer Account.

Payoneer to Sampath Bank Sri Lanka - My First Transaction
Payoneer to Sri Lanka

Payoneer charges for receiving a payment is: 1 % (Load Fee)

Then I requested a payment of 134US$ (withdraw) from Payoneer to Sampath Bank.

Withdraw from Payoneer to Sampath Bank
Payoneer to Sri Lanka

Within few minutes the amount was reflected in my Sampath Bank Account ( Sampath Vishwa Online ) as follows.

Payoneer to Sampath Bank Sri Lanka - ScreenShot
Payoneer to Sri Lanka
Payoneer to Sampath Bank Sri Lanka - Details
Payoneer to Sri Lanka

Surprisingly today (23rd March) I got another email from Payoneer that mentioning I have received another 25$ as a bonus from them.

free 25 $ payoneer Sri Lanka
Payoneer to Sri Lanka
Payoneer Frre 25$ and Free ATM Card Sri Lanka

By clicking following link or the image you will also able to get 25$ free bonus from Payoneer.

Click Here to :

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Update : 2017-09-11

Today revived an email from Payoneer, News about Dialog eZcash as funding source to transfer money.

Dialog eZcash has teamed up with Payoneer - Sri Lanka

By following the instruction given, with in one minute I was able to Link eZcash to my Payoneer Account.

Link Dialog eZcash with Payoneer - Sri Lanka
Dialog eZCash as a funding source in Payoneer account - Sri Lanka

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